Jovis die 28 mensis Septembris 2023


Hic praebentur acroamata (vulgo: podcasts) varia quae in rete inveniri possunt. Certe opiniones hic expressae externae sunt Ephemeridi.


Fabulae terrificae

Ferdinandus Taurus: Ferdinand the Bull in Latin

This is a recitation of the Latin version of Ferdinand the Bull as translated by Hadas. The original story is by Leaf and the illustrations are those by Lawson. Published 1962. I also discuss two books at the end of the video, Sagarum Crimina and The Lover's Curse. Sargarum Crimina is a horror genre, tiered Latin reader based on stories from Apuleius and Book VI of Lucan's Pharsalia. To stay up to date on when we will release Sagarum Crimina, subscribe (for free) to our Substack: and follow Lupus Alatus on Facebook and Instagram: The Lover's Curse is a tiered reader based on Book IV of the Aeneid, in which the relationship of Dido and Aeneas is recounted. Carla Hurt of Found In Antiquity is the author (I edited the book), and you can stay up to date on the release of the Lover's Curse by following her blog or Twitter/X account:

185 views • Sep 11, 2023

Ghost of Anant, Part 1. A 12th century zombie story in Latin.

The Latin text of the story and an English translation can be found here: This is a story of suspicion, adultery, death, and a vampire zombie. William of Newburgh included tale in his history of medieval England, Historia De Rebus Anglicis. See the link above for more details. In this video, I recite his version of the story in the original Latin and also explain the text in Latin. This video is intended for intermediate-level learners who have some experience listening to spoken Latin. This video is a podcast. It is also available on Spotify: Apple: Amazon:

130 views • Apr 21, 2023

Tres Capri Asperi: Three Goats Gruff in Latin

Listen to Norwegian version of the "three goats" folktale retold in Latin. There are English captions as well!

589 views • Mar 2, 2023

Krampus: A Monstrous Video In Latin (with English subtitles)

All about Krampus in intermediate Latin with English subtitles. Where does the legend of this monster come from? What does he look like? What sorts of hijinks and malfeasance is he up to?

297 views • Dec 24, 2022

Fabulae Terrificae: The Medieval Boy Who Wouldn't Stay Buried, Byland Abbey Part 1

A ghost story in medieval Latin about a certain Robert who won't stay buried. A simplified version for Latin learners is also included! The spoken language is mostly Latin, and there are English subtitles. 0:00 Prooemium: Introduction 0:36 Recitātiō: Original 15th century Latin text 3:20 Explicātiō: Explanation of the video format in English 4:14 Fābula Renārrāta: Retelling of the story in simplified Latin

853 views • Oct 29, 2022