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In LATIN: Medea is not a feminist. Euripides, Seneca and today 🎭

Medea is innocent? At least she wants to in "Medeae Daemones", a Latin tragedy written in 2022 by Stefano Vittori aka @RVMAK, awarded in the Latin theater competition THALIA by the Schola Humanistica (@scholahumanistica1928 ). In this video, I will (in Latin) compare his Medea to that of the tradition (this is, Euripides and Seneca) with a special focus on her relationship to Jason. In a few months, you can get this tragedy in a comic version, with a translation, from the editorial NUBES. ▶️ Klick here to support us and get your copy: ▶️ Interview with the authors in Latin on @ScorpioMartianus ▶️ Interview with the authors in English on @polyMATHYplus : ▶️ Interview in Latin and Italian on @RVMAK : ▶️ More about the theater competition (in Italian) in this video and others on the channel of @scholahumanistica1928

65 views • Sep 28, 2023

Graphic Novel in Latin! Support us! @RVMAK

▶️ Presale and more information here: Interview on @ScorpioMartianus in Latin: Interview on @RVMAK in Latin and Italian: Interview on @polyMATHYplus in English:

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Learn Latin Metre with me! Link in description!

Enroll here. You can support my channel with a little donation: or: (So that I can buy equipment and you'll be able to enjoy the videos in better quality 😊)

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Today Latin poetry event, 5pm!​@RVMAK

Salvete! Today, 22.6., 5pm (Rome time) at the Warsaw university, Stefano Vittori will receive his prize for winning the Latin poetry competition Certamen Sarbievianium and we will speak about our Latin poems. Join online:

530 views • Jun 22, 2023

Latin Grammar: accusativus Graecus

826 views • May 7, 2023