Jovis die 28 mensis Septembris 2023


Hic praebentur acroamata (vulgo: podcasts) varia quae in rete inveniri possunt. Certe opiniones hic expressae externae sunt Ephemeridi.


The Lekkoning

A 'lek' is a gathering of the sexes of a certain species where males display and compete for females. In this case, Wild Turkey (which Benjamin Franklin thought should have been named the national bird of the USA rather than the Bald Eagle) captured March 15, 2023. thrown together in Kden live (I'm new at this)

38 views • Sep 10, 2023

Turkey and Quail foraging together

Captured on 4/1/2022 in the late afternoon/sunset time on the the land, using a 100-300mm zoom lens on Panasonic G7 camera. focus is by hand- very narrow range and no tripod. The lens has small powered (gyro?) stabilization which is the buzzing noise you hear, apart from the rush-hour traffic driving along the road down the hill.

79 views • Sep 9, 2023

walk around the hill and through bits of the woods

come take a walk with me (rec. 2/2/2023) around a portion of the land I'm incredibly humbled and privileged to currently reside on as tenant-caretaker. The 15-acre parcel is a former estate property that formerly held (1940?s - 1980s) vineyards and fruit trees and a private nursery. My voice over commentary was really off the cuff and a little sub-optimal, I'll work on it. I do swear there was no wine involved. As well, I am ever so slowly starting to learn Kdenlive for editing-- looking forward to better quality content etc in the future. Gratiatis omnibus spectantibus, amici. Atque sic semper!

47 views • Sep 8, 2023

from trail cams- Coyotes et cetera

some of the neighbors. They are wild and unscripted.

56 views • Sep 4, 2023

LEGAMUS ALCHIMIAE- The secret book of Artephius part 3- Fr. Elias' libellus

The recap and commentary by Elias partially unveils some of the language in the preceding Alchemical 'secret book of Artephius'. There is still much obfuscation and metaphor re: the '12-step programme' The full title of this section is 'Fratris Heliae Ordinis Minorum Libellus de Lapide Philosophorum, qui ex Antimonia minerali conficitur' This content is not for children. Veni, dilecta mea... (Canto)

33 views • Aug 27, 2023