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'The Legend of Captain Jones' an 1631 English epic-parody (4th edition of the text, published 1659-- the introductory missives are interesting as well!) Overall, rated "R" for scenes of extreme violence and more than a few really awful puns that seem to transcend the vowel shifts of semi-archaic language. THE LEGEND OF CAPTAIN JONES Relating his adventure to sea, his first landing, and strange combat with a mighty bear. His furious battel with his six and thirty men, against the army of eleven kings, with their overthrow and deaths. His relieving of Kemper Castle. His strange and admirable sea-fight with six huge gallies of Spain, and nine thousand souldiers. His taking prisoner, and hard usage. Lastly, his setting at liberty by the Kings command, and return for England

53 views • Dec 16, 2023

Frontispiece from Ortelius' ' Theatrum orbis terrarum'

A Latin dactylic hexameter proem whose purpose was to explain the Title page from Abraham Ortelius' 1570 Atlas. Some of the symbolism in the illustration is also explained, but not completely. Here is the title page, the poem appearing a few pages later: The 4 major continents are represented by female figures, with the 5th unknown/unnamed southern continent (Magellanic land, now called 'Antarctica') represented by a white bust. The severed head of Ferdinand Magellan is held by America. Poor audio and voice quality (sick and no microphone, travelling visiting family) so I may redo this later when I'm back at home. I found this very interesting so just wanted to share it. Vale!

117 views • Nov 23, 2023

CME incoming Nov. 11-12.

I try my hand at some space weather commentary. to summarize: A couple small C-class flares on 11.9 - early 11.10 have produced a large (forecast, not necessarily observed) CME with forcast kp 6+ for 6-12 hours over this weekend Late Saturday into Sunday. Sorry about poor audio mixing. But I hope you enjoy the one or two easter eggs.

520 views • Nov 11, 2023

The Miller's Tale (Chaucer, middle english sight-reading)

Fun fun fun.;view=fulltext (00:01) The Carpenter John and his young renter Nicholas (who is German) (1:42) Alison, the Carpenter's young flirty wife (4:24) Nicholas courts Alison. She cheats on her husband then takes a holiday. (6:48) The other young Parrish Clerk, Absolon (8:38) Amorous Absolon also courts Alison, but She is having none of him! (11:29) Meanwhile, Nicholas at home hatches a plan. He locks himself in his room for many days... (16:09) With his privation broken, Nicholas tells John the Carpenter of his 'vision' (17:38) Nicholas' plan to avoid the coming flood... (23:11) John the Carpenter agrees to the plan... (25:32) Nicholas gets what he wants.. He and Alison cajole further in the night.... (26:03) Absolon hears rumors of John the Carpenter's plan from the parrish... (27:52) Absolon returns to the window to woo Alison... (30:14) Absolon's infamous kiss... (31:16) Absolon plots his revenge and speaks to a smith (who was.. Dutch?) ... (33:37) Absolon returns to the window with the hot fire brand. (34:30) Nicholas' ass is branded. The Carpenter suddenly awakes to the commotion (36:52) and All live happily ever after! (The drunken Miller breaks off his tale)

137 views • Nov 4, 2023

Hwy 1 wreck by moss landing. dashcams

This was close. Could have been my car! I pulled over and called 911… the Honda CRV (2x rollover) driver got out all okay.

241 views • Oct 28, 2023