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latin tutorial

Solstices: Summer and Winter Etymologies

Latin has different words for the summer and winter solstice, solstitium and bruma. Each of these words has interesting origins, and this video goes through the etymology of each word, and why solstice isn't necessarily the best word to describe December 21. At least for those of us in the northern hemisphere!

17573 views • Dec 21, 2022

Rule 91: Clauses Depending on Subjunctive Clauses

The last of our 91 rules discusses the subjunctive of attraction. In short, when a subordinate clause depends on another subjunctive clause, the verb in that clause will likely be in the subjunctive as well. That said, this isn't a hard and fast rule, and you can easily find examples in Latin that don't follow this rule.

6987 views • Dec 12, 2022

Rule 90: Subordinate Clauses with the Subjunctive

When does a subordinate use the subjunctive mood? This video looks at some examples that rely on the authority of the information presented. When the speaker or writer is the source, we use the indicative. But when someone else is the source of our information, well, that's when we use the subjunctive mood.

5155 views • Nov 7, 2022

Rule 89: Commands in Indirect Speech

As we work through indirect speech, this video will focus on commands, both standard indirect commands and commands in extended indirect dialogue. The good news is that commands will always use the subjunctive when relayed indirectly. This video moves through several different examples of commands in indirect speech.

6730 views • Oct 17, 2022

Ucalegon: From Minor Character to Modern English Word

Ucalegon is a small character in Vergil's Aeneid. He shows up once during the sack of Troy, simply because his house is on fire. And then that's it. Except that over the course of the last two thousand years, his name has become associated with his appearance in the Aeneid, and the term "Ucalegon" has come to mean someone who suffers the same fate: a neighbor whose house is on fire.

2292 views • Sep 26, 2022