Lunae die 20 mensis Maii 2024


Hic praebentur acroamata (vulgo: podcasts) varia quae in rete inveniri possunt. Certe opiniones hic expressae externae sunt Ephemeridi.


Henle's Latin for Homeschoolers: Unit One, Introduction

Welcome to Latin! Start off your studies well by understanding the terms Case, Declension, Stem, and Ending. For more Latin help, visit Learn to finally UNDERSTAND the Ave Maria, not just repeat the words:

20 views • Apr 11, 2024

Latin Storytime: Theseus and the Minotaur

A short story in Latin about the Greek hero Theseus and how he slew the Minotaur. WEBSITE: AVE MARIA E-BOOK:

11 views • Mar 18, 2024

Latin Rosary: Hail Mary

How to say the "Hail Mary," or "Ave Maria," in Latin, the first step to praying the rosary in Latin. Enjoy!

228 views • Oct 12, 2022

Loquamur, Maria et Columbus

A few minutes talking about Mary, her little lamb, Columbus, and Queen Isabella. Goofed up the vowel lengths a few times, so learn your pronunciation better than me, children.

88 views • Jun 14, 2022

Loquamur, Imperium Romanum

Twenty minutes of me yimmer-yammering about the first chapter of LLPSI.

74 views • Jun 14, 2022