Saturni die 20 mensis Aprilis 2024


Hic praebentur acroamata (vulgo: podcasts) varia quae in rete inveniri possunt. Certe opiniones hic expressae externae sunt Ephemeridi.

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Institutio Latina

MC Shorts--Roman Pizza

In this short we take a closer look at the fresco discovered in Regio IX of Pompeii which reveals what looks like an early form of pizza.

541 views • Apr 5, 2024

Health and Healing in ancient Rome -- Latin

Being healthy and healing ourselves was just important in ancient times as it is today. In this video, I cover the primary ways that Romans sought to maintain their health and how they worked to overcome illness should it befall them. For more information on my sources and for TEACHING MATERIALS to use alongside this video with your students, become a supporting member on Patreon. To support Magister Craft, please visit: For Magister Craft merch visit: Subscribe to Magister Craft: Follow MC on Facebook:

1021 views • Mar 29, 2024

MC Shorts--Water in the Roman Home

Ever wonder where Romans stored the water the collected in their homes and how they accessed it? Watch and see!

756 views • Mar 2, 2024

MC Shorts--Taberna Doors

How did Romans close there shops to keep them and their merchandise safe? Watch the video and I will show you!

765 views • Feb 21, 2024

MC Shorts--Intentions

My intentions with these shorts is to showcase the interesting things I discover in my research which do not lend themselves easily to a full length video. Enjoy!

567 views • Feb 20, 2024